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1. Do you offer a free consultation?
Yes.  Call our office today to make an appointment for a free, no obligation consultation with an trial lawyer about your case.  

2. Will my matter be confidential?  

Our office takes privacy seriously.  Your matter is absolutely private and is protected by  attorney-client confidentiality.  Even your initial consultation is confidential whether or not you choose to hire our firm.  

3. What is the difference between fees and expenses?  
Fees are the amount billed for professional services.  Expenses are costs of handling a matter such as filing fees to begin a lawsuit or investigator fees to obtain necessary information.  Our firm does not bill for ordinary overhead expenses such as copying, long distance phone calls or postage.  

4. Will you take my case to trial?  
Yes, if a trial is necessary.  Ben Summit has the experience of dozens of trials to rely on when advising you whether to proceed to trial or take a settlement offer.  In many cases, the best possible result is achieved without going to trial.  Trials are expensive, time consuming and emotionally difficult for many people.  The advantage of hiring an aggressive litigation firm such as ours is that you can be assured you are receiving competent and experienced advice when deciding if a trial is your best option.  Unlike other firms that will only handle pre-trial negotiations, our firm can represent you until your case has been resolved either by a trial or by a settlement.